Resume TV – Live Resume Critiques and Advice – Part 4 of 6 (Not 8)

In this episode, we threw a social twist on the topic of getting an interview.

So many times, we want our resume to say everything cool about us possible. However, this is not the job of a resume. A resume needs to sell us to the employer just strongly enough to pique enough interest to generate an invitation to an interview.

We took the most common social media platforms and demonstrated how you can use them to provide a much stronger resume profile and augment the information in your resume.

You may ask, “Can Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or blogs help my case? I only hear horror stories about people that were passed over because their Facebook page makes them look like drunken party animals.”

In a word, “yes.”

You can download the archived episode below. But even better, you can still sign up to be a part of the audience in our next episodes.

We are hosting the series every Tuesday and Thursday morning through October 26, 2010. The program time is 9AM PT, Noon ET). It lasts about an hour, or as long as people want to go.

The future episodes will be on:

Thursday, Oct 21, 2010
Tuesday, Oct 26, 2010

If you want to sign up to attend future episodes, simply click this link to register:

Feel free to pass this link around to any of your friends that may not be getting the interviews they need.

Post the link on your Facebook page. Tweet about it. Make a YouTube video telling the world how cool this whole thing is. Just go nuts and have fun!

If you register, or have already registered, you are registered for every episode. Attend all you want.

You can have access to the recorded Webinar in a variety of formats. You can watch the video below:

(Note: The two minutes of the video are blank)

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