Resume TV – Live Resume Critiques and Advice – Part 1 of 8

Today, we filmed episode one of ResumellowTV. What a blast!

No. We didn’t have handsome hosts or beautiful models to present resumes to an audience.

Instead, we critiqued resumes, in real-time, and showed how to make the positive changes that will increase interest and get interviews.

The program was very interactive, which brought a great flavor to the session. Attendees asked tons of questions and even provided their own advice.

You can download the archived episode below. But even better, you can still sign up to be a part of the audience in our next episodes.

We are hosting the series every Tuesday and Thursday morning through October 26, 2010. The program time is 9AM PT, Noon ET). It lasts about an hour, or as long as people want to go.

If you want to sign up to attend future episodes, simply click this link to register:

Feel free to pass this link around to any of your friends that may not be getting the interviews they need.

Post the link on your Facebook page. Tweet about it. Make a YouTube video telling the world how cool this whole thing is. Just go nuts and have fun!

If you register, or have already registered, you are registered for every episode. Attend all you want.

During the episode, we dissect attendee-submitted resumes formally (using our 51-point system) or informally, chatting about each area. We don’t just tear the resumes down. We show how to build them back up in a stronger fashion.

We reviewed:

  • A woman that wants to move from K-12 Education back to Corporate Education
  • A Legal Secretary with 25+ years of experience that needs to reshape herself to be competitive
  • Some before and after examples for Technical Writers and Audio/Visual guys

You can have access to the Webinar in a variety of formats. You can watch the video below:

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