Sample Resume: Free Resume Template

Sample Resume

Need a sample resume to use while you’re building your own resume from scratch?

Look no further. The following sample resume can be adapted to almost any situation . . . make sure to customize it to fit your career – obviously you won’t want to claim the experiences listed here since they weren’t your own.

Feel free to customize the “areas of expertise” section to be “qualifications” or “career highlights” or whatever seems most appropriate for your situation. Regardless of what you do with the section – it’s purpose is to draw the reader in so they read the rest of your resume.

The professional experience section in the sample resume lists only one position, but you can include more as you need. Simply copy and paste the existing listing multiple times to accommodate the experience you want to list.

The “early career” section is optional. If your career is just getting started, feel free to omit this part. If you’ve got more than 10 years experience, consider listing the last 10 years in the professional experience section, and putting the rest in “early career.”

Customize the education section as appropriate for your situation or eliminate it entirely if that makes sense.

Ultimately, this document is just a jumping off point for you. Make it fit your own circumstances.

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