Do Your Job Search Skills Pass the Stuntman Test?

Randall Archer, in Hawaii. Used with permission.

I have a close friend named Randall Archer who always wanted to be a stuntman when we were young.

After high school, he moved to Los Angeles and started trying to break into the industry, but quickly learned that his dream was nearly impossible.

Instead of giving up, though, he approached his search creatively.

Do you treat your job search as a full-time job?

Every day, Randall learned where outdoor shoots were happening for TV shows that were heavy on stunts (Buffy, Power Rangers, etc.) and he’d show up on the set. Often, these sets were many miles away at remote locations.

Are you brave enough to network with people you’ve never met?

Upon arriving, Randall tracked down the stunt coordinator and offered them his head shot and resume. Usually, this meeting only lasted a few seconds. Often, he was turned away without being able to introduce himself.

Are you relentless enough to jump in and participate even when you’re not getting paid?

Whenever possible, Randall volunteered to work for the coordinator that day without compensation – hauling stunt pads and other gear, doing odd jobs, and asking questions about stunt work when he felt it was appropriate.

His efforts paid off and he became acquainted with many of the stunt coordinators who were active in the business.

Are you willing to take on tiny jobs and projects as a way to prove yourself?

After a fair amount of time and lots of volunteer work, he was finally offered opportunities from the folks he’d been helping . . . usually small stunts. He continually proved himself eligible for future work.

If you’re not doing these things, are you prepared to begin today?

Randall’s career continued to grow and he can now be seen in feature films and TV shows doing the work he always dreamed of.

He did not become a stuntman success overnight. It took years of hard work to really demonstrate to his prospective employers how much he wanted to be a part of what they were doing.

If you can’t answer the above questions in the positive, you need to ask yourself whether you’re doing everything you can to stay busy and find work.

You have to ask yourself how bad you really want it.

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