If you want to get the interview, you have to stand out… in a good way.

You can’t just “apply for jobs.” You have to sell yourself, audition, take all the risk out for the hiring manager… make your hiring a fait accompli.

In a recent episode of ResumellowTV, we showed how to use social media to augment your applicant profile. Using tools like Blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube can dramatically increase your chances of getting an interview and, eventually, a job offer.

In brief, you can make a positive impression with the following ideas:

  • LinkedIn – Make sure your profile is updated. Then, add the URL to your personal LinkedIn page to the header of your resume. (Make sure the URL doesn’t turn into an active hyperlink or the text will turn blue, which just looks bad.
  • Blog – Become a subject-matter expert. Whether you want to be an assistant manager at a retail outlet or a high-priced executive, a few posts on the topic of your target employment may go a long way toward impressing an employer.
  • Twitter – Follow thought leaders and tweet about their thoughts. All of this information becomes searchable
  • YouTube – Have you thought about creating a personal profile that explains the value you will bring to a business?

Now, keep in mind that your resume has to be perfect or none of this rich media will help. But, once an employer has developed a healthy curiosity about you, these tools can go a long way to putting you over the top.

And, your content has to be good. If it is cheesy, you are hurting yourself more than helping.

The main benefit of this work is to fill your “Personal Internet Information Vacuum.” When and employer does a Google search for you, wouldn’t it be great if the first items that pop up include your brilliant thoughts?

This is one more area where we do a great job of helping our clients. But, you can do all this on your own, too.

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